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I discovered a glitch that creates a band of white light on your screen, and you can see most of the back-round scenery behind the fore-ground scenery.(Could have different results for separate games). 1. Get an RPG . 2. Out cages inside cages until the object thermometer is full . 3. Shoot the cage at the bottom. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found a glitch where you can make a bomber go out of the screen with Maxwell in it!:
  1. go to the title screen
  2. go to the only level with water
  3. spawn a bomber (traditional)
  4. ride the bomber to the top of the level
  5. plunge into the water with the bomber
(this glitch always worked for me)
I found a glitch/trick where you can make a tank fly off the page!
  1. summon a tank/army tank
  2. get inside tank
  3. summon a magnet
  4. give Maxwell magnet inside tank
I found a glitch where you can make Maxwell do the moonwalk!
  1. Bring Maxwell to an open area
  2. Place your stylus on Maxwell
  3. Gently and slowly slide the stylus in the opposite direction from where he's standing
If you do all this, Maxwell will walk backwards instead of turning around
I found a glitch where you can make an island go through the floor!
  1. Spawn an island
  2. Tap and drag the island so it's almost touching the ground
  3. Let go of the island
If you do all this the island will go through the floor like it's not even there!
(sometimes it doesn't work but if you keep doing it, it eventually will)
I found a glitch where you can make Jeff and Liz fall through the floor!
teleport to the level with Liz and some 5th Cell workers are using the teleporter.
  1. summon an oasis.
  2. place it under Jeff.
  3. make sure Jeff can't get out.
  4. get Liz to turn everybody (except Jeff) into Liz
  5. kill all Liz with the rally car
  6. spawn a Liz and put it with Jeff in oasis
  7. remove the oasis from under them just after Liz turns Jeff into a Liz
(may not always work but keep trying)
Using a shrink ray on anything often makes it bouncy, sometimes launching you off the screen.
  1. Make vehicle
  2. Make a Shrink Ray
  3. Shrink the vehicle
  4. Ride the vehicle and drive around
I found a glitch that lets you float on an unplaced object.
  1. Make hole
  2. Put the hole in the ground
  3. jump in the hole
  4. make a pool( or any other water-landscape object)
  5. position the pool underneath Maxwell and slowy move it upward
  6. Maxwell should float on the water in the pool as if it was in the landscape
sea glitch (a.k.a Hydro glitch)
  1. Get in any "vehicle" that has a water domain other than a submarine.
  2. Spawn an ocean.
  3. Get in the vehicle.
  4. Hover the unplaced ocean on max's vehicle
  5. Move the sea up and down.
Side note: You cannot move side to side while performing this glitch only up and down.
You can't perform this with anything else than something that floats on water.
planks do not work, animals do not work, and submarines do not work.
this glitch works with NPCs also.
surfboards work!
I found a glitch where you can Instantly kill the devil!
  1. You put heaven down. Then you pick up hell and instantly the devil dies.
I found a glitch where you can drive a car backwards!
  1. Summon a "Car" (any vehicle will do*)
  2. Summon a "Vine" (any rope object will work)
  3. Attach the vine to either the front or the back of the car**
  4. Hop in and start driving!
* Invisible Bike will not work
** If you are using a bike you will have to attach it to to the point at the back of the frame.
I found a few glitches where you can Freeze your game!
  1. Make a ghost shark and ninja shark near eachother
  2. Make a grunter and gunnel near eachother
  3. Drop earth magic on a loituma girl
  4. Make a t-rex and put a saddle on it then go on it really quick. then make a dragon. Since your on the t-rex, it cant fight so the t-rex will die while your on the saddle which is on the t-rex. The game will freeze if you just dont move.
  5. Sometimes, interacting with a small handheld instrument with wings on and a shovel in your hand will freeze the game
I found a glitch where you can do something that looks kind of inappropriate.
1.Summon a T-rex. Robosaur will not work as well and Edison might eat you.
2.Spawn a tiny attaching object like a paper clip or glue.
3.Attach it to the head.
4.Make a car.
5.Attach the car to the paper clip/glue. If the T-rex is facing left,use the left dot. If it is facing right,use the right dot.
6.If you can't reach the car,get to it using wings or a jetpack.
7.Watch the glitch. Or at least I think its a glitch.

I found a glitch where you you create a wave (or any object that has the same effect) without dying.
1.Create a wave. (or any object that has that that effect, such as a nuke)
2.Get rid of it. (You drag it to the the icon in the upper right corner before it hits Maxwell)
3.The screen will still be misty when the wave is gone!(That part is the actual glitch)

This is a glitch which has not been proven to be safe for your Nintendo. Try it at your own risk.
It makes lines appear on the screen.

1. Spawn a transformer
2. Dump a whole lot of metal things on it, e.g. chain, shield, armor, sword
3. (Only if there is no movement) Make sure there is movement. You could throw something at it or walk on it.
I found a cool trick!
1. Type in: Arcade machine
2. Tap on the Arcade machine
3. It will take you to a game with rocket ships!
3. Tap the rocket ships to stop them from falling on thecolouredblocks at the bottom.
4. You only get one point for each time you tap a rocket ship!
5. Once a rocket falls to the very bottom of the screen, the game is over.
I found a trick to make anything friendly and if it is friendly you can ride on it eg: ridable t-rex, ridable dragon ect ect
1.Type cupid bow
2.Type the animal you want to make friendly (ridable)
3.Shoot the animal you want to make friendly with the cupid bow
4.There you have it! have fun riding your new friendly animal!

Hey guys, i found a glitch so im going to share with you.

1. On Super Scribblenauts, Go into Edit Mode.
2. Use The Eraser all over the place rappidly.
3. Quickly while your erasing everywhere on your DS screen, Go to back and click save it (In order to work the glitch you must do it fast!)
4. Continue going back, and you should here the erasing noise all the way at the main menu and in levels too!

This glitch was just sort of a joke. Its difficult to do. But give it a try!

Posted by Masternaut, On (14th, July, Thursday, 2011)
I found an odd glitch that makes things fall through the floor.

1. Make a nuke or an atom bomb.
2. Place it on the ground. Don't let it explode!
3. Spawn an "All your base are belong to us."
4. Place All Your base on top of the nuke.
5. Try to get AYB completely balanced, so it doesn't fall off.

If you do it right, the nuke will fall through the ground. Sometimes, the nuke explodes while it is sinking into the ground.
If you can't get it balanced, sometimes All Your Base will fall through the ground when it falls off.
Found a really weird glitch that will work every time.
1. Spawn a rideable bomb
2. Ride it.
3. Roll it to the right and keep holding it.
Your character will start to roll up the wall fast and it will make you leave the map without dying.
This glitch wont work with left wall, but you can still roll up it.

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