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Icon Name Description Guide
5th Cell 5th Cell
Spawn a 5th Cell developer.
(Jeff, Jeremiah, Joe, Liz, Marius, Matt Cox, George, Edison.) liz and edison are zombie and dinosaur so spawn them away from you
All New
All New
Complete a level with objects you've never used before.
(You should get this when you complete the very first level.)
Architect Architect Write 2 buildings. (Write house, write building.)



Attach the Jolly Roger to a flagpole.
(Write Jolly Roger, write glue, write flagpole. Attach the Jolly Roger to the flagpole with the glue.)
Audiophile Audiophile Write 2 or more instruments or audio objects. (Write guitar, write radio.)
Ride a hostile animal. (Write tiger, write saddle, ride tiger.)
Bioterrorist Bioterrorist Introduce the plague and infect two or more people. (Write two people, write two poisons, feed poisons to the people.)
Write two or more plants.
(Write flower, write grass.)
Chauffer Chauffeur Drive a vehicle with more than one passenger. (Write a bus, write a person, put the person in the back of the bus then drive it.)
Chef Chef Write 2 or more foods. (Write pizza, write bread.)
Closet Closet Write 2 or more clothes. (Write shirt, write pants.)
Combo Combo
Combine any two objects together.
(Write 2 boxes, write glue, join the two boxes using glue.)
Cupid Cupid Shoot a Humanoid with Cupid's arrow. (Write cupidbow, shoot a person with it.)
Shoveler Shoveler
Write 2 digging tool objects.
(Write spade, write shovel.)
Sea Two Sea Two
Write 2 or more sea vehicles.
(Write boat, write raft.)
Knight School Knight School Slay a dragon with a melee weapon. (Write a dragon, write a few knights to weaken it, then attack it with a melee weapon such as a sword.)
Electrolysis Electrolysis Shock someone with electricity. (Write lightning storm and place it right above a human.)
Elemental Elemental Write more than 1 element. (Write fire, write water.)
Entertainer Entertainer Write 2 or more entertainment objects. (Write LR.)
Entomologist Entomologist Write 2 or more insects. (Write ant, write bug.)
Environmentalist Environmentalist Write 2 or more environmental objects. (Write cloud, write hurricane.)
Explosive Explosive Write two or more explosive devices. (Write TNT, write timebomb.)
Exterminator Exterminator Two or more humanoids or animals start a level, and are destroyed. (Find a level with two animals or humans in it, such as action 1-9 and kill everything but Maxwell.)
Fantasy Novel Fantasy Novel Write 2 fantasy objects. (Write vampire, write ghoul.)
Fashion Designer Fashion Designer Cloth Maxwell's head, body, legs, feet and give him an accessory. (Write hat, write shirt, write pants, write shoes, write gloves and put them all on Maxwell.)
Firefighter Firefighter Put out at least 2 fires. (Write fire, write water and drop it over the fire, repeat.)
Genius Genius Complete a level twice in a row. (Complete the second stage of a level in advanced mode.)
Glutton Glutton Feed someone or something 3 times in a row. (Write man, write 3 pizza and place them near the man.)
Gold Digger Gold Digger Write 3 or more precious stones. (Write ruby, sapphire and diamond.)
Grab and Go Grab and Go Write 2 or more grabbing tool objects. (Write tweezers, write tongs.)
Haxxor Haxxor Write 5 or more developers. (Jeff, Jeremiah, Joe, Liz, Marius, Matt Cox.)
Healer Healer Write 2 or more medical objects. (Write pill, write potion.)
Herpetologist Herpetologist Write 2 or more reptiles. (Write lizard, write snake.)
Infected Infected Write a zombie and have it infect two humanoids. (Write a zombie and put it next to two people.)
Decorator Decorator Write 2 furniture objects. (Write sofa, write chair.)
Janitor Janitor Write two or more cleaning tool objects. (Write mop, write broom.)
Jockey Jockey Use an animal as a vehicle. (Write a horse and ride it.)
Joust Joust Defeat a knight while Maxwell is mounted. (It helps if you weaken the knight with a ghoul first.)
Luddite Luddite Short out 3 or more objects. (Write 3 radios, write 3 waters and drop them on each radio.)
Lumberjack Lumberjack Cut down 3 or more trees in a level. (Write 3 trees, write axe, chop, chop, chop.)
Madhatter Madhatter Place a hat on 4 or more humanoids or animals. (Write 4 humans, write 4 hats and equip one to each human.)
Magician Magician Use the magic wand to turn something into a toad. (Write a person, write a wand, use it on the person.)
Marine Biologist Marine Biologist Write 2 or more fish. (Write fish, write guppy.)
Mechanic Mechanic Jump start a vehicle. (Write a car, drop it in some water, take it out and write a lightning storm above it.)
Messiah Messiah Turn a humanoid into a deity. (Write ambrosia and feed it to a person.)
Militant Militant Use 2 weapons and 1 weaponized vehicle. (Write gun, SMG and tank.)
Miner 49er Miner 49er Digging a massive hole. (Find a level with a lot of diggable terrain, such as action 2-1, and dig away!)
Miser Miser Reach 300,000 Ollars total. (You need to have it all at once, so save up!)
New Object New Object Write a completely new item. (Write an object that you haven't written before.)
Novice Angler Novice Angler Catch a fish with a fishing pole. (Write a fish, write a fishing pole and use the pole on the fish. No water needed!)
No Weapons No Weapon Don't write a weapon to complete the level. (Finish a level without writing any weapons.)
Old School Old School Write two or more classic videogame objects. (Write button, write air vent.)
Organ Donor Organ Donor Write 2 or more organs. (Write heart, write liver.)
Ornithologist Ornithologist Write 2 or more birds. (Write eagle, write hawk.)
Paleontologist Paleontologist Write 2 or more dinosaurs. (Write dinosaur, write t-rex.)
Pariah Pariah Make 3 humanoids or animals flee. (Write three cats, write a dog and equip it, chase after the cats.)
Pi Pi Earn 314 skill points in a single level. (See Pi Merit Ideas)
Picasso Picasso Write 2 or more drawing tool objects. (Write pen, write pencil.)
Pilot Pilot Write 2 or more air vehicles. (Write plane, write jet.)
Prodigy Prodigy Complete a level three times in a row. (Finish a level on advanced mode.)
Pyromaniac Pyromaniac Set at least 4 objects on fire in a level. (Write 4 ropes, drop a match on them.)
Reanimator Reanimator Bring a corpse back to life. (Write corpse, write a lightning storm above it)
Roped In Roped In Write 2 or more rope objects. (Write rope, write leash.)
Russian Doll Russian Doll Place an object, inside an object, then inside an object. (Write a gun, write a box, write a house. Put the gun in the box and the box in the house.)
Savior Savior Two or more humanoids or animals start and finish a level alive. (Find a level with two or more people and complete it without killing them.)
Series of Tubes Series of Tubes Go here: scribblenauts.com/nauts (Write 5 tubes.)
Smasher Smasher Write 2 or more melee weapons. (Write sword, write dagger, write battle axe.)
Smuggler Smuggler Hide a weapon in a container. (Write gun, write box. Put the gun in the box.)
Split Personality Split Personality Write 2 or more cutting or splitting tool objects. (Write scissors, write knife.)
Stealth Stealth Destroy a security camera. (Write a security camera, write a gun. Shoot the security camera.)
Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth Write 2 or more junk foods. (Write candy, write cake.)
Tooling Around Tooling Around Write 2 or more tool objects. (Write shovel, write spade.)
Washington Washington Chop down a cherry tree. (Write cherry tree, write axe, chop.)
Water Jockey Water Jockey Use a sea animal as a vehicle. (Write a whale, ride it.)
Humanitarian Humanitarian Write 2 or more humans. (Write 2 people.)
Zookeeper Zookeeper Write 2 or more animals. (Write cat, write dog.)

Removed Merits

Some merits are not in-game but they do appear on the sprite sheet. the list of what the icons look like are below. Sadly, since they are
only found on the sprite sheet, it is unknow how to earn them.
  • One with a cow on it
  • One with footsteps on it
  • One with Z's on it
  • One with a red flag
  • One with a book
  • One with a crying/screaming face on it
  • One with a floating happy mouth and two floating eyes above it

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powervector Ideas on Pi Merit 10 Aug 24 2010, 5:40 PM EDT by Cheeseltious
Thread started: Sep 18 2009, 9:18 PM EDT  Watch
Here are ideas I have read + some of my own on how to get the Pi Merit:

Earn 314 Ollars in one level - Doesnt work.

Complete a level with a time of 3 minutes and 14 seconds - Have not tried yet.

Have your total amount of Ollars contain the number "314" - Doesnt work.

Use a total of at least 314 objects all together - Doesnt work.

Use 314 objects in a single level - Doesnt work.

Use money objects in game to total 3 dollars and 14 cents - Doesnt work.

**Earn 314 Ollars the very first time you complete a level - Both my games files are being used, so if anyone has an empty game file please try this one out and let me know.

**Have a total of exactly 314 Ollars in game - Again this one requires an empty game file.

Other Ideas not containing "314":

Place the correct math items(if there are any) in the level - Have not tried yet.

Use a "Pie" to accomplish something(feeding a mathematician doesnt work) - Working on it.

Use a certain number of items beginning with the letters "pi" - Have not tried yet.

Some Theories that myself and others have:

1. The pi merits data was accidentally dumped from the game rendering it an impossible merit - this is false, see below.

2. The game may be programmed so that when tallying your Ollars earned it uses a decimal number, lets use the example 314.228, and rounds this off to the nearest whole number which is the one that we see on screen (314). However, when they programmed the game, it was accidentally programmed to give you the pi merit when the DECIMAL number is EXACTLY 314.000.

Any ideas or theories from others would be appreciated.

The ideas marked with ** are very likely not the case considering they would make certain game files have no chance of earning the pi merit.
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boonearcher I FOUND HOW TO GET PI!!!!!! 0 Oct 9 2010, 5:21 AM EDT by boonearcher
Thread started: Oct 9 2010, 5:21 AM EDT  Watch
I recently got the guide book for scribblenauts. It says: Get 314.000 ollars in one level.
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Keyword tags: merit
brawldude23 Pi makes me wanna Cri. 2 Jul 30 2010, 12:51 AM EDT by Maxwilly
Thread started: May 22 2010, 1:49 PM EDT  Watch
Today I just got 315 in a level.
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hurricane890 luddite 0 May 8 2010, 3:32 AM EDT by hurricane890
Thread started: May 8 2010, 3:32 AM EDT  Watch
for luddite just write radio 3 times and then write hurricane the hurricane is harmless it is just a bunch of rain clouds! :3
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