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World: 8
Level: 1
Type: Puzzle
Par: 3
Time Limit: None
PAL Hint: Give the aliens something so you can get their stones back to the spacewoman!
NTSC Hint: Trade something for the Martian samples and return them to the astronaut!
JPN Hint: 火星との通商石。しかし、再び宇宙飛行士への外国人の石を与える!(Trade stones with the martians. But give the alien stones back to the astronaut!)
Description: The astronaut needs her stones back, but the Martians won't give them up. Unless you trade them something.

Popular Strategies:

  • Make an Invisibility Cloak put it on and steal the rocks from the aliens and run them back to the astronaut. Just use an invisibility cloak and winged sandals to fly.
  • Give one of the aliens on the lower level a raygun. This will allow you to access both rocks on the bottom. Use a jetpack to return the rocks to the astronaut. Give the other alien another raygun, and grab that rock also.
  • <insert here>

Solutions that you've used:

  • Give them all some gold and put the samples in a bag. Then jetpack back to the astronaut. Empty the bag. -Ireallydontlikecoffe
  • Same as above, just replace gold with a diamond, ruby, and sapphire.
    hms35.Summon a ruby, sapphire, and gold, give it to the aliens, summon a ladder and get the samples to the astronaut.( this will get the gold digger merit).

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