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World: Ancient
Level: --
Type: Puzzle
Par: 4
Time Limit: --
Hint: Lead the sweethearts back to each other, but don't harm the witch!
Description: --

Popular Strategies:

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Solutions that you've used:

  • Write Death and have him kill Werewolf. Delete Death. Write wings and fly to the princess. Write rope and attach to princess and then pick it up. Write magic and freeze witch. Fly princess back to knight. Drawback: May need to rewrite magic to freeze witch again......Note: to freeze witch you can also use a tranquilizer gun. You may need to freeze her again though. -Black_Fly
  • Write Death and have him kill the werewolf. Delete Death. Write wings and fly to witch. Write magic and freeze the witch. Take her wand and put it in the tower. Fly to princess and write rope. Attach to princess and pick it up and fly her to the knight. Drawback: After she passes the witch, the princess is frightened and turns into a moron who runs in the opposite direction from Maxwell. Difficult to drag her to knight.
  • Write Grim Reaper and attack werewolf. Delete Grim Reaper. Write witch and give the original witch a friend to placate her. Write a copter and fly to the princess. Attach princess to the copter via wire. Fly her to the bottom. The copter can't go any farther, so delete it. Drag the princess to the knight by wire. Warning: Do NOT drop the princess near the witches. They will attack her if she is that close.
  • Write God and attack werewolf. Write a helicopter and fly to the princess. Write warlock and give him to the witch. Attach princess to a cable. Pick up the cable yourself. Fly her over the witch and warlock to the bottom. Delete the helicopter. Delete God at this point, if you have not already. He will only be in your way now. Drag princess to knight.
  • Walk over to the Behemoth and lure it back to the knight, who will kill it. Drag a bus to the princess and put her in the back seat. Use a jetpack to fly to the bus and drive it to the knight. Also works with helicopter and wings. Doesn't work with minibus for some reason.
  • Easiest Way: Type death to kill werewolf. Leave knight in water pool. Type wings and fly to witch. Type magic to freeze witch, and make sure you take her wand away while she's frozen. Type neogaf and place it onto the witch, making her not able to attack. Lasso princess and lead her back to the knight
  • Using three items: draw god have him kill behemoth(delete god), draw wall and place on left of witch, spawn helicopter so knight is in the back seat then fly on top of castle exit helicopter move to water so positioned when star appears the drag helicopter knight will fall to princess and wall will block witch attacks (its tricky but doable)
  • There is a small pool in the beginning. To get over it use a liftbridge. Use a Cthulu or a Dragon to kill the werewolf. Then Put the knight in a helicopter with you and fly to the princess! -Black_Fly
  • Kill the werewolf with death. Delete death. Make a monkey. Put monkey by witch. Monkey will take witch's wand. Use a pegasus and attach a rope to the pegasus. Ride pegasus to princess. Attach other end of rope to princess. Fly to knight. I just think that the monkey taking the wand is amusing.

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