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Member since: Dec 29 2010, 10:25 AM EST
Slogan: It's Amazinq How You Can Still Love Someone, When They Don't Care About You</3
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iAm Taylorr ![:

&& This is How It Goes .. The Name is Taylorr,[: .. Mayyy 3rd is When iWas Brought into this Earth,[: .. iAm Currently Singlee !, [; && Loving It !,[: ..Scene is What iAm,[: ..Add Mee if You Need More Infoo !,[:
My Favorite Bandss::
  • Pierce The Viel♥
  • Black Viel Brides♥
  • Blood on The Dane Floor♥

  • Books Are For People With No Athletic Abilities !
    Favoritee Games::
  • Scribble Nauts:D

  • Club Penguin EPF

  • Other Sites You Can Find Me On !:: Continued:D
    MySpace Here[Scribble Nauts Guide]
    Facebook ...
    Add, Comment, Err Message Me !,[:

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